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Chapter 7: Developing a Proactive Customer Success Plan

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January 8, 2021

A proactive chat strategy can increase your customer engagement by 67-85%. This means that over 50% of your customers will start talking with you directly.

What better way to build relationships and help customers along their journey? 

Proactive chats may not always be live agents touching base with your customers, but these preprogrammed conversation-starters are a great way to see if they might be ready to have a quick talk with you. 

In the same vein, a proactive customer success plan is a great way to plan for your customers needs and take action so that you solve their problems before they take place. You beat them to the punch and knock them out by anticipating their needs. In a good way, of course. 

When you think about your proactive customer success plan, make sure to factor in key points (like proactive chats) where you can give each customer the unique information they need, before they have to ask you for it. 

Step 1 — Define Your Expectations

  • What does your customer need from you in the next step in their journey? 
  • What can you provide for them? 
  • What pain points might occur? 
  • What can you do to resolve these?  

If you’re not sure about your customers expectations, ask. You can implement a quarterly feedback survey, or post a feedback survey to your social media feed. Don’t be afraid to hear what your customers have to say about you; Take advantage of having a direct line to talk with them. 

Step 2 — Find the Touchpoints

Determine when your customer will need whatever it is they need to help them along in their customer journey. It might be a SMS message, a personal email, a downloadable PDF. 

Figure out what you’ll need in place to meet (and exceed) your customers expectations. Walk through the customer journey and try to anticipate their needs while in their shoes!

Step 3 — Make Time for Reporting

Data time! If you tuck away thirty minutes a month to generate reports for all of your customer touchpoints, you’ll start to be able to see if you’re helping along the customer journey, or if there are certain things missing. 

Do you need to send a text after they subscribe for package alerts? 

Should you send out an email with a cute dog gif on their birthday? 

Would it be beneficial to create a guide for different terminology you use in your field? 

Chat transcripts, email transcripts, website analytics...all of the data that’s accessible is a valuable resource you can tap into and use to grow your business in an ever-changing field. 

We’ll start diving into that next, in Chapter 8: Leveraging Chat and Email Transcripts to Drive Growth. 

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