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Chapter 9: Applying Website and Customer Service Metrics to Your Customer Experience

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January 8, 2021

Look at your website analytics and various customer service metrics to find trends, understand more about your customers, and keep your CX ahead of the curve.

There are a few ways you can use metrics to improve your marketing ROI.

  • Create a knowledge base with FAQs that your customers are asking over live chat, SMS message, and/or email.

  • Get inside scoop on what products and services you can offer your customer next by chatting with them via live chat or SMS message. Learn about their needs and provide for them before they’ve asked for a solution.

  • In a similar vein, provide content that answers questions they’ve had or touches on points they’ve addressed. This can be used in ads, landing pages, or blogs. It allows you to talk like them, connect with them, and further establish customer loyalty.

  • Listen for people talking about difficulty navigating your site, problems buying products, poor load times on unresponsive pages. This will help you inform and better your website UX and UI design.

    You can also watch your website’s bounce rate, SEO ranking, conversion rate, and website visitors time on site to see if your content is resonating with your customers. If you have a high bounce rate, low time on site, and low conversion rate, it means people either aren’t finding what they need or they’re not finding it engaging enough. Round up this data and continuously use it to revamp your CX strategy. 

I’m sure if you brainstorm, there are even more ways you’ll discover you can utilize live chat, email and SMS messages to connect with your customers, increase customer loyalty, and increase sales.

When you’re analyzing data, always think outside of the box and be willing to test new things out (then gather the reports on how the test performed...and let me know if you find something genius!). 

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