Convert leads into paid subscribers, and ensure your SaaS product is sticky.

Demos and freemiums don’t pay the bills — paid subscriptions do. Leads have questions before they’re comfortable purchasing and once they do, they have questions as your product evolves. Help them see results every day and prevent churn.

No one expects your CX team to sell.

When a visitor engages in a conversation with your support team, the visitor’s guard is down. They expect your inbound team to sell them but not your CX team. Our agents are trained to ask implication questions and gently nudge visitors down a decision-making path.

Apto Makes the Inc. 5000 4 Years Running with Ravience

How a SaaS platform doubled its conversion rate and generated millions in recurring revenue with Ravience.

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Users require ongoing support as your product evolves. Leverage that opportunity to stay sticky or fall victim to churn.

Provide a stellar upfront experience

We’ll design an experience that helps users get a great experience upfront, so you get higher retention and less strain on your support processes going forward.

Increase retention, decrease churn

The greater the LTV in proportion to your CAC, the better your business is doing. We’ll help your customers get the results each and every day.

Use customer feedback to improve your product

Leverage the constant feedback loop and make decisions on new features, UI changes, services, and more.

Inform your messaging with user conversations

There’s gold sitting in your chat and email transcripts that your marketing team would love to use to inform their targeting and messaging.

Structure for efficiency and consistency

We’ll implement strong policies, processes, and procedures so your CX team is accountable and provides consistent service to users.

Employ specialization of labor and reduce engineering frustration

With a tiered approach, we will help you achieve efficiencies and ensure engineering is only being passed tickets that require them.

Product updates to drive user adoption

We can help you by writing blog posts that announce product updates to drive user adoption and also ensure your CX team is fully trained.

Upsell further services

It’s 5 to 10x cheaper to upsell a current customer than to acquire a new one.

Adopt a team that is empathetic and technical and has the mentorship to nurture their growth.

Your CX team needs to be in tune with your users’ short and long-term goals. Likewise, your CX team needs to be trained, mentored, and monitored on the backend to ensure they’re growing and evolving with your product.

"I have cycled through many CX firms who we either outgrew or who didn't perform. The one constant is Ravience. We would not be here without them."
Dr. Aditya Nagrath, Founder

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