Generate new home sales and provide community support for residents.

Help home builders generate sales by converting website traffic into qualified leads. When buyers become residents, help them get the most out of the community with real-time communications, and watch referrals soar.

Turn home browsers into home buyers within minutes.

Getting website traffic isn’t the problem, converting them to serious buyers is the real challenge. By engaging website visitors, answering their questions, and asking follow-up questions to know them better, our team can gently nudge visitors to schedule an appointment with the right builder for their needs.

Central Park Generates Over $20MM in New Homes Sales with Ravience

Here’s how Ravience created a customer experience that led to 97% of all new home buyer leads coming through Ravience.

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Showcase all your community features to elevate the living experience.

Distinguish buyers from renters

Your website will receive many people interested in renting so it’s important to distinguish those visitors from serious buyers.

Affordable housing qualification

Help those looking for affordable housing to see if they qualify. Depending on your inventory, we’ll point them in the right direction.

Identify the right home builder, models, options, and floorplans

Master-planned communities offer home buyers a wide selection of builders, models, options, and floorplans. We will help prospective home buyers find what’s right for them.

Offer virtual tours

Should any of your builders offer virtual tours, we can help home buyers get a sneak peek of the model they’re interested in.

Schedule new home builder appointments

This is the heart of the program so we’ll help home buyers find the right home options, gather their information, and let them know a builder will reach out to schedule an appointment.

Answer accessibility questions

Many people are concerned with proximity to highways, airports, and public transportation. It’s vital to know that information as it factors into their home-buying decision.

Up-to-date inventory knowledge

As homes are sold, certain models will become sold out completely while others are being built. Buyers are interested in what they can actually get into so accurate inventory knowledge is a must.

Highlight community amenities

The community was built with great intention; from the parks and rec centers to the walking trails and bike paths.

Provide resident support for amenities

Residents love to take advantage of the amenities in the community but they don’t always know how to find when an event is happening or the pool hours.

Offer guidance on schools

Homebuyers with kids base a lot of their decision on the schools in the neighborhood and while research is readily available online, sometimes they like to get the “insider” word on how the schools are.

Senior housing support

Should your community offer housing specifically for Seniors or floorplans with main-floor bedrooms, it’s vital to understand their needs and options.

General residential support

Imagine residents having a text, chat, and email option to their community and how beneficial that is for their experience? It’s a simple and affordable way to bring another unique amenity to their lives.

Reduce your operational costs and elevate the home buying experience.

Having someone internally manage the real-time communications on text and live chat, along with email inquiries can be a costly endeavor. Not with Ravience — we provide you with a highly-trained, dedicated team who knows every inch of your community at an affordable price.

"We've enjoyed a multi-year relationship with Ravience. Implementation was so fast and smooth. 97% of new home leads come through Flow and they reduced our cost by 40%."
Tasha Jones, Head of Marketing

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