Modernize communications with a Patient Engagement Center.

Optimize every interaction across the patient journey to turn leads into patients, reduce the total cost of care, and increase patient retention. No training, no software, no contracts — 100% stress-free.

Increase new patient appointments with zero staff effort.

Your front-office staff is already flooded with phone calls, the last thing they want to do is handle real-time communication on text and live chat. Our HIPAA-compliant team knows how to empathize with your patients’ needs and gently guide them to scheduling an appointment.

APC Fuels Growth with Ravience’s Patient Engagement Center

How a HIPAA-compliant service increased new patients by 47% and modernized patient access.

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Provide patients the ability to get access and real-time conversations.

Offer HIPAA-compliant communications

Rest easy knowing our people and technology are HIPAA-compliant and we have years of experience.

Reduce call volume

Your front-desk can handle 1 phone call at a time whereas our agents can handle up to 5 conversations at a time.

Answer patient questions

Patients often have many questions that either go unasked, because they don’t have access, or take up valuable appointments slots.

Pending patient follow-up

Just because a new patient attends an initial appointment, it doesn’t mean they start treatment right away. We will generate a follow-up list of new leads, pendings, and no shows and proactively reach out.

Appointment scheduling

Scheduling is complex depending on appointment type, availability, locations, and doctor preferences. We learn those policies and preferences to get patients properly scheduled.

Recalls and observations

Reach out to former patients who may need to be seen again or a list of patients being observed till they are ready for treatment.

Schedule virtual appointments

If your practice offers virtual appointments, we’ll schedule patients by appointment type. We’ll also provide instructions to make sure it goes smoothly.

Work within your PMS or outside it

You decide what type of patient care you’d like us to provide and what level of access to your PMS is required.

Allow patients to schedule, reschedule, ask questions, and respond to inquiries directly from a text, live chat, or email.

Text messaging, live chat, and emails mean no patient portals, mobile apps, or complex logins—just simple, HIPAA-compliant communication on the devices patients use every day. We streamline the process of helping patients achieve the care they deserve.

“Ravience provides anonymous patients with free birth control solutions, educational resources, and other reproductive health services to people, under the age of 25.”
Liz Romer, Executive Director

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