Surround your innovation with a tech savvy and empathetic CX team.

Teach visitors how to use your innovative product and turn those skeptics into high-value sales. Give them an incredible experience and create life-long raving fans.

Eliminate skepticism within minutes.

Since you invented an innovative product, your customer needs help to understand how this will work for them. Get more visitors into a conversation, understand their unique use cases, and melt away their concerns within minutes. Less retargeting, more revenue.

LEVO Grows Revenue 156% with Ravience

How a consumer tech product’s customer service team generated over $220K in 5 months and reduced costs by 40%.

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Adopt operational efficiencies now, for lower costs and higher throughput per agent. Or be left behind by leaders who do.

Dedicated team with a cultural fit

We have thousands of pre-screened agents ready to work with us. We’ll find the ones passionate about your product and are a good cultural fit.

Deep product knowledge

We take everything we learn from your products and turn that into online courses and assessments in our learning management system.

Live chat sales

We proactively greet your visitors with the right message at the right time, engage in conversation, and convert them into customers.

Technical support

Your customers need help troubleshooting and may have edge cases that require expertise. We will know your products inside-and-out to handle it all.

Be everywhere your customer is

Customers move fluidly between platforms we will too. We’ll handle live chat, text, email, social media, in-app, and more.

Flexible seasonal support

When the majority of your sales come during the holiday season, or during specific times of the year, you’ll need to add/remove staff as-needed.

Automations and workflows

We’ll configure your systems to build the right automations, rules, workflows, triggers, macros and forms.

Self-service knowledge base

Add your product guide, tips on getting started, and product-specific FAQs to help customers answer their questions.

Customer experience design

Our industry-leading suite of services is part business strategy, part creative agency, and part executional powerhouse.

Human-trained chatbots

We’ll build your AI chatbot with actual customer conversations to automate initial interactions that switch to human agents for high-value opportunities.

Flexible and affordable plans

Start with only what you need, at an affordable price, and scale up from there.

Employee training specialists

Each agent goes through the online course specifically on your brand and they must pass 4 assessments with a 100% score before they go-live on your site.

Focused on execution and scale

We help companies who grow their own way or who use operating systems like EOS, Six Sigma, and Agile.

Compatible with your systems

We work with all your systems from Shopify and WooCommerce to Zendesk and Freshdesk, and everything in between.

Supply chain insights

Leverage the data on returns, repairs, and warranty claims to give your supply chain the precise information they need to diagnose root cause issues.

Upsell further services

It’s 5 to 10x cheaper to upsell a current customer than to acquire a new one.

Provide a post-purchase experience that turns escalated customers into raving fans.

A lot can go wrong that prevents your customer from having a great experience with your product. Deliveries are late, parts arrive missing or broken, the app’s not connecting, and the product stopped working. Get a dedicated team who knows everything about your product, processes, and policies and is a perfect cultural fit.

“Ravience wasn’t cookie-cutter. Ravience customized to our needs. They were exactly what we needed.”
Sarah Ingram, Head of Operations

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