‘Your message is important to us’ doesn’t cut it anymore

When it comes to consumables, customers want answers now. From providing product info to shipping help; you’ve got to deliver a customer experience to keep them coming back.

Let customers know you’ve got their back.

Nothing turns a customer off more than facing issues before, during, or after a purchase. Buyer’s remorse sets in which leads to cancellations and returns. Give your customers an experience that strikes the exact right tone for your brand, is lickety-split quick, and helpful.

Ablis Unites Product Lines and Turns Customer Experience Into Profit with Ravience

How a CBD brand infused their customer experience with personable live chat, added operational efficiencies, and unified their brand with Ravience.

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Thrill customers at every step in their journey by having every channel and potential issue covered.

Dedicated team with a cultural fit

We have thousands of pre-screened agents ready to work with us. We’ll find the ones passionate about your product and are a good cultural fit.

Be everywhere your customer is

We’ll handle live chat, text, email, social media, in-app, and more.

Order handling

Changes, returns, refunds, oh my. We’ll design automations and rules to make this entire process efficient and at the same time, make sure it’s 100% on-brand with your culture.

Shipping issues

Try as you may, you’re going to experience shipping issues related to the carrier and your warehouse or 3PL. We’ll have full visibility into your supply chain to make sure your customers get their products.

Product advice

Most consumable products are pretty straight forward but there are definitely those that field a ton of customer questions. We’ll know your product inside and out to help customers buy and buy again.

Subscription boxes

We see subscription boxes as a great way to generate recurring revenue but they do come with a unique set of challenges. Fortunately, we know them and are ready.

Knowledge of multiple SKUs

When you have a long list of SKUs, your customers face a “paradox of choice”. Lots of options, hard to decide. This is the perfect opportunity to help them decide and to increase the average order size.

Consistent policies and procedures

We build logic trees to handle the exceptions while defining the rules so that customers receive a consistently excellent experience.

Discount codes and store credit

You can’t give away the farm but you can strategically offer discounts and store credit. Trust our team to know when and why to use them.

Compatible with your systems

We work with all your systems from Shopify and WooCommerce to Zendesk and Freshdesk, and everything in between.

Backordered items

People say it’s a great problem to have but we know the truth — it’s not. Should any of your products go on backorder, our team is ready to handle the situation with care.

Support for distributors

When distributors purchase your products in bulk or by pallet, they may have a unique set of questions. How easy to keep purchasing from you because you have a support team lined up for them?

Human-trained chatbots

We’ll build your AI chatbot with actual customer conversations to automate initial interactions that switch to human agents for high-value opportunities.

Not just mobile, better mobile

Make sales and build loyalty on any device. When your customers are on mobile, be there to help them on text or chat.

Tailor every experience with personalized messaging.

Entering someone’s name in a dynamic field isn’t good enough. It’s important to understand what’s happening with them and to engage at that level. When you see each customer as an opportunity, you make shopping personal again. Show them you care and they’ll reward you in spades.

“Our customers and distributors rave about their experience with us, thanks to Ravience!”
Cody Cloyd, CEO

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