Twenty questions

1. Why choose Ravience?
We are built specifically for online businesses. We know that with an innovative product, your customers need a good deal of education before purchasing, and after they purchase, they need help using the product, replacement parts, app issues, installation help, and more.
2. Can we pick which channel of communication we want you to manage?
Absolutely, we'll manage any communication channel you'd like.
3. Do you provide after-hours support?
Yes, we can provide coverage 24/7/365 so it's really up to you when you need coverage. Most of our clients look at their website traffic to determine when there's the greatest opportunity and then scale from there.
4. What do you charge / what is your pricing?
We're totally transparent about our pricing and you can find that on our pricing page here:
5. Do you do any outbound sales calls?
No, we don't do outbound sales calls.
6. Am I a good fit for Ravience?
The best thing to do is to schedule a consult. We want to make sure that the ROI is there for you and that can be assessed on the initial call.
We work with online businesses who value quality customer experience. If that's you, then yes!
7. Do you work in different languages?
Yes, we can work in any language.
8. Is this month-to-month or an annual contract?
All our plans are monthly with no annual contract, plus we stand behind all our services with a 30-day money back guarantee.
9. Is there an early termination fee?
No, there's no termination fee.
10. Can you work onsite at my office?
No, all our team works remotely so that we're able to recruit the best talent and provide redundancies.
11. Do you manage social media?
No, we don't manage social media accounts but we do respond to messages that slide into your DMs.
12. What systems do you work with?
We'll work with any of your systems and if you need help coming up with the right tech stack, we'll help you with that too. You pay for the licenses and give us access.
13. What is your implementation plan?
It's thorough! Our team learns everything about your business and products during the kickstart process and we turn that knowledge into an online course in our learning management system. We then create tests and all of us agents have to pass every test with a 100% score before we can go live.
14. How long does implementation take?
30 days. We'll review the project plan with you on day 1 and you can alter the milestones based on what works best for you.
15. What's required of me during implementation?
We'll provide you with a set of Work Guidelines in advance so you know exactly what to expect. There's a data-gathering process at the outset, so we'll need you to give us access to the requested info and then review/approve the messaging and email strategies.
16. How do you select which agents work on our account?
You’ll help us understand your products and company culture so that we can identify agents who are a good fit. We select the top 0.03% of candidates so you’re working with the best customer experience talent.
17. What reporting do you provide?
We send you a monthly report that provides data mapped to your KPIs and also provides details on volume and performance. We'll also include a sales tracker that shows you how much revenue has been generated from live chat conversations alone!
18. How often do you meet with us?
We do quarterly business reviews to go over high-level results and strategies for the upcoming quarter. We'll especially review upcoming marketing campaigns so that we're totally in sync and give your customers a consistent experience with the marketing they're seeing. But really, anytime you need to meet, our team will make it happen.
19. How do you get to know my product?
We put our hands on the actual product to get the full customer experience and to learn every detail. We go through any training documents and videos you may already have with the products in hand, and as we learn the details, we turn that knowledge into an online course in our learning management system. This way any agents dedicated to your account get the insider's training of your product and get to know everything about it. If you have multiple skus, we'll do this for all the products and any variations.
20. Is your team trained to sell my product online?
You bet! One of the biggest differentiators and value props in working with us, is that we train our agents to sell your product without being salesy. This is key because you don't want to be pushy and turn away customers. Our proprietary approach takes fundamental sales skills of asking questions and leading customers down a path to convert them and make sure you're generating revenue from CX.