Turn your customer service into a profit center.

We offer three service bundles to wow customers, generate revenue, and save costs as you scale.

When you're in startup mode, first impressions matter.

Acquire customers and give them the ultimate experience so they stay loyal and rave about you to their friends.

  • Help desk
  • Live chat
  • Technical support
  • Omnichannel support
  • Hiring + training
  • Reporting + analytics
When you’re in growth mode, efficiency is critical.

When you’re growing, support volume is on the rise. Instead of adding more headcount, we implement systems and tools to increase capacity without adding cost.

  • Everything included in Startup plus...
  • Self-service knowledgebase
  • Next-level automation
When you're scaling, you need a well-oiled CX machine.

You’re mainstream with thousands of customer interactions under your belt. Now is the time to add leadership and use actual customer conversations to train your bot.

  • Everything included in Startup and Growth plus...
  • Hybrid human + AI chatbot
  • Dedicated team lead
  • Slack communication

Everything you need (and nothing you don't) to outsource your CX.

Systems design + build

We perform end-to-end design and configuration, including building your SOPs into the system's processes.


Single point-of-contact, direct access to your team via email, and quarterly business reviews to strategize and implement solutions.

Performance management

We create online courses specific to your business and regularly update our Learning Management System.

Seasonal support

Seasonal support available on demand to maintain your customer experience during peak periods, including Black Friday, Christmas, and January returns.

After hours and weekends

We staff using analytics and data to service your customers when they're online (and save you money).

the stats

We have a proven track record of scaling customer experience for growing brands.


Average conversion rate

Our agents are highly trained in sales methodology and lead generation to convert more of your traffic.


1st-touch resolutions

We empower agents to use their skills and instincts to problem solve and use customer conversations to improve processes.


CSAT score

We ensure that your customers stay happy, keep coming back, and spread the word.


More revenue

Our agents are customer experience specialists highly trained in sales to make the most out of every interaction.


of our clients have grown to $100MM+ valuations with our help.

Your fans could be raving, too.

"My question and concern was answered quickly and I appreciate that. I love your CBD lotion and am so glad I found it, it has worked great on my shoulder. Keep up the good work and I will continue to purchase. Thanks for the feedback too!"

Ablis customer

”Excellent in both speed and completeness of their response. Extremely satisfied, if only more companies had a team as good as yours."

LEVO customer

"Very good chat! Very friendly and answered my questions quickly. Informational, helpful, quick and easy."

Central Park resident

"Always exceptional customer service. Thank you for the ease of rescheduling via chat. Very helpful!"

APC patient

We can help you if:

You have high volume support needs

You're customer-centric and want to outsource customer experience

You're a consumer tech, SaaS, consumables, real estate, or healthcare brand

You have a knowledgeable in-house point of contact

You want to create an excellent CX but don't have the expertise or desire to do it yourself

You are unhappy with your current customer support solution

We get down with all your systems.

Compatible with 100+ software platforms

Our clients rate us 90+ Net Promoter Score


Meet a few of our raving fans.

"We’ve always understood our products, formulas, and how they work for people. But Ravience got everyone on the same page about what makes the Apothecanna brand valuable."


"The leads from online traffic have been converting at a 50% better rate than before we hired Ravience. Much of what we found before was automated, generic, or not HIPAA-compliant. That is, they did not offer patient privacy protections like Ravience."

advanced pain care

"We’re benefiting from increased retention and higher conversions from customer questions. We are beaming and excited to grow with Ravience."

Levo oil

<40 sec.
response time on live chat
<1 day
response time on help desk
on-time implementation

Frequently asked questions.

How long does implementation take?
You’ll select a Kickstart date to begin implementation and the process takes 30-days to design your program and train your team. You will have full visibility to all the milestones and dates throughout the process to ensure an on-time go-live.
How do you select which agents work on our account?
You’ll help us understand your products and company culture so that we can identify agents who are a good fit. Each agent goes through a rigorous hiring and training process. We select the top 0.03% of candidates so you’re working with the best customer experience talent.
What kind of results can I expect?
Customer support is ultimately in the customer experience game. You will see an increase in live chat conversations due to our proactive greeting strategy and the result of more conversations is more sales. Our agents are highly trained in not only answering questions but in asking specific questions back to the customer to help lead them down a path to make a purchase. As a result, you will see an increase in conversions, lower cart abandonment rates, and an increase in average cart value.

You will also see fast, helpful, and empathetic responses to support tickets. Your customers will get 70%+ of their issues resolved in the first-touch, live chat responses under 30 seconds, email responses within 1 business day, and they’ll leave feeling thrilled about their experience. So much so that they’ll provide over 90% CSAT ratings, will leave glowing reviews online, and will refer their friends.

Ready to turn your traffic into profit?