Central Park Sold Over $20MM+ In New Homes with Ravience

How a Master Planned Community came to Ravience to help sell new home builds across 13 neighborhoods and dozens of home models.

Executive Summary

Central Park had a physical visitor center where prospective home buyers could view model homes, floorplans, and speak to a knowledgeable representative about their needs. Central Park asked Ravience to recreate this home buying experience online. The results far exceeded everyone’s expectations:

  • $20MM+ in new home sales came directly as a result of Ravience.
  • 97% of all builder leads go through Ravience.
  • Ravience reduced Central Park’s cost of acquisition (CAC) by 40%.

About Central Park

Central Park has been ranked the 9th best selling Master Planned Community in the nation as of 2020. The building of Central Park (formerly Stapleton) started as a collaborative effort to take the best things about Denver’s classic neighborhoods – parks, welcoming front porches, alley-loaded garages, architectural diversity, tree-lined streets, more parks – and continue those urban patterns into new Denver neighborhoods. 

Challenges & Objectives

Tasha Jones, Head of Marketing for Central Park, gives you the full story.

“Talking about the visitor center and the history of Central Park’s visitor center. I think I really need to go back to 2013 when we had to create an onsite experience and we needed a place where they could have this hospitable experience, where they could enter as models were opening in this new neighborhood called Conservatory Green at the time.

“We had Ambassadors on-site who welcomed people when they entered the doors. As the community was continuing to grow and selling out like crazy with over 600 new home sales, we realized, we had this Visitor Center on a temporary space that was slated for commercial use.

“We needed to move. We elected to explore bringing everything in-house. So from this very exciting, welcome into this onsite experience with smiling faces, who are conversing with you in person, we decided to transition to online and have an online chat. One of the challenges that was tricky, before we decided to transition to Ravience, was that we were noticing a decline in traffic.

“And why is that? I think it's because there wasn't that proactive element waiting for people to come to you. And how do you reach out to them? I'd say that was certainly one of the greatest challenges.

“Some of the considerations that we used when deciding to use Ravience would be definitely cost and definitely resources. And then also there is a little altruistic element for me personally. Being very engaged in the community, I like programs or opportunities that get people plugged into the workforce. And so on the back end altruistically, I was intrigued on the front end, the cost, for sure.

We certainly, discovered that if we were to go with Ravience, we would have a 40% decrease in our hourly cost, which was huge. And then in terms of the resources with Ravience, it gave us a team of people who were in that mindset to be able to help people from an online platform.

“Some of the considerations that we used when deciding to use Ravience would be definitely cost and definitely resources.”

How Ravience Created the Ultimate Home Buying Experience

“When I think about the onboarding process, I am still amazed how swiftly that process went. What I loved was how proactively the Ravience team went to make sure that they explored everything and could drill down to potential questions that would be asked in an online format and making sure that was all really conversational. 

But what I appreciated the most was really respecting our brand, our brand voice, our brand tone, the personality. You really felt that when we were presented with, okay, based on everything that we have vetted that you've shared with us, here's the 162 potential conversations we could have in Ravience, and here's how we recommend answering them.”

“What I appreciated the most was really respecting our brand, our brand voice, our brand tone, the personality.”


“I think the investment in Ravience has been incredibly worthwhile. There's a 40% decrease in hourly costs, hugely beneficial. And then also we have seen 30 times more leads compared to what we used to get.

“Now with chat, we have four times more conversations by comparison than before. We have four times the conversations with chat because of that proactive greetings. Having that initial reach out when people arrive after we've invested so much to get them there through all these different paths, we're seeing far more people engage with our website.

“What Ravience has done has really helped me be in alignment with the company's direction of innovation, and we really believe that as more and more are moving digital and more is moving to technology, Ravience has helped me be able to implement this technology, but also have that hospitality level with it. I feel like Ravience has helped me bring innovation to my work.”

“The investment in Ravience has been incredibly worthwhile"

Central Park’s Future

As Central Park sells its final neighborhood, Ravience is there to help make the final chapter a huge success and to be a supportive resource to all residents for years to come.

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"The leads from online traffic have been converting at a 50% better rate than before we hired Ravience. Much of what we found before was automated, generic, or not HIPAA-compliant. That is, they did not offer patient privacy protections like Ravience."

Hector Thomas

Head of Digital Strategy, Advanced Pain Care

"We’re benefiting from increased retention and higher conversions from customer questions. We are beaming and excited to grow with Ravience."

Chrissy Bellman

Founder, LEVO Oil

"We've enjoyed a multi-year relationship with Ravience. Implementation was so fast and smooth. 97% of new home leads come through Ravience and they reduced our cost by 40%."

Tasha L. Jones

Head of Marketing, Central Park

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